My Story

Hey my fellow ukuleleists...not sure if that's a word? A few things about me are pretty basic. I like ukulele and I like hymns. I graduated from the University of Utah in music with an emphasis in guitar. So naturally I arranging music for ukulele instead of guitar. ;)

Why? Because there was a need for a ukulele teacher in the store where I was teaching and I took the challenge. This eventually turned into me creating hymn arrangements for my students by request. 

I always wanted to create a guitar book of some kind and may do so soon...wink wink nudge nudge, but ukulele felt natural at the time. I had no idea the process of getting my thoughts to paper to website to customer took so much work?!

The growth from this process has been amazing. However, the greatest joy from this entire process is the wonderful messages I get from people telling me how much they enjoy hearing their kids, grand kids or themselves play and learn uplifting music.

I believe that music can heal, uplift and encourage anyone. I hope this music will do just that for anyone who wants to learn hymns on their ukulele.